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How to Decide the Perfect Playlist

When trying to decide on music for your special day it’s hard to know where to begin. Often many will know what song they want for their first dance- they’ve imagined the moment and pictured it over and over again. They may even have in mind some good dance songs for their reception, but what about the ceremony? There are 2 main sets of music to consider- the processional and recessional, or making your entrance and your exit. This often proves slightly more challenging for many to decide. We’re here to give some ideas to help you narrow down the endless amount of options to the specific songs of your choice to set the mood for your magical moments.


The processional- where it all begins. The processional is not always one song; you may have a different song for family entrances, wedding party entrances, a groom’s entrance, and a bride’s entrance, or you may choose to have the same music throughout, it’s entirely up to you. But how do you know what style to go for? It’s important to keep factors like venue, setting, theme, or audience in mind, but don’t forget to also stay true to yourself or pick a song that has meaning to you. The lyrics could hold significance, the song could speak to an important moment for you as a couple, or maybe the style of the song just perfectly embodies your energy. Whatever the reason may be don’t be afraid to step outside of traditions and customize your music to tell your tale and showcase who you are. After all, it is YOUR day!

Processionals tend to be instrumentals, but that doesn’t limit you to classical music, there are many modern-day songs that are beautifully arranged as an instrumental piece that can lend to creating a range of moods. We have included a list of 10 of some of our favorite processional songs, including the classic choices such as Canon in D and Here Comes the Bride (but in a more modern, updated version if you’re looking to blend the two styles and have the best of both worlds).


While processionals tend to be softer, calmer songs, recessionals typically mark the start of the party and a celebration, thus are often a faster tempo or more upbeat and energy filled. Though if you want a more mellow, relaxed song you can go that route as well because here is where you really can pick almost any song that speaks to you. Do you like oldies? Rock? Country? Pop? R&B? Get creative. Think outside the box. Included are 10 examples of possible recessional song choices from all across the board. The sky is the limit!


While choosing your wedding music may seem like a daunting task it’s often because you feel like you don’t know where to begin, but it can be helpful to realize sometimes you need to look no further than your own iTunes library or your favorite playlist! While some research may yield a few more options or ideas, it’s very likely you’ll pick something already in your arsenal because it’ll hit closer to home and make your day that much more personal. So, whether on a beach, in a church, or at a backyard wedding keep your location, theme, and audience in mind but don’t forget to stay true to yourself, your memories, and your tastes. Meld all of these things together in order to create the perfect playlist for your big day.


Songs for Processional:




  • This I Promise You- N Sync: Piano
  • Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur: Violin

A little more drama:

  • A Thousand Years- Christina Perri: Piano
  • I Look to You- Whitney Houston: Violin

More upbeat:

Classic (with a modern twist):



For Those With A Sense of Humor:


Smooth Groove, Unexpected/Out of the Box:

With A Rock Twist:




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