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Finalizing your guest list can often be a bigger challenge than many couples anticipate.  Some questions you should consider when choosing this list of individuals are: how many people can your venue fit, how many people do you want in attendance, who gets a plus one, and how you may narrow down your list. This task may seem tedious at first, but we can assure you that it is easier than you think.  This list will help you conquer these questions to make the process fun and free of stress, as it should be!

1.) How many people can your venue fit?

It is important when choosing your guest list to consider how many individuals your venue can hold. Prior to creating your guest list, it is crucial to find out the exact number of individuals that will fit comfortably in the space you will be using. Furthermore, it is important to remember that venues have specific requirements for how many individuals the facility can hold in total and, and going over that number is a definite no. When creating your guest list, keep this in mind and know the exact number of individuals the facility can hold legally. If your guest list number is over the amount that the venue can hold, then narrowing the list down may be necessary.

2.) How many people do you want in attendance?

For each couple, this is going to be based on personal preference.  We urge you to consider other aspects that may help you determine how many people you want in attendance besides the maximum venue total. When choosing your guest list, it is crucial to look at the budget. A bulk of your cost for your wedding will be for the food and beverages for your guests. One thing to consider is that with a smaller guest list you could save on other components involved in your wedding such as décor, favors, and your rentals.

3.) Who gets a plus one?

Ah, the golden question. Generally, the rule of plus one’s is that those who are married, engaged, or are in serious relationships should be allowed to bring a date. The rule of inviting those who are in serious relationships can be interpreted differently among couples. To get another perspective from couples, we also found a forum between couples discussing who should get plus-ones on The Knot which can be found here.

4.) How do you narrow down your guest list?

Often when creating guest lists, couples create a List A and a List B. List A is comprised of the individuals whose attendance is essential at the wedding, including immediate family members and close friends. List B is comprised of individuals who the couple could potentially see at their wedding, but they are not 100% about inviting. If an individual on List A cannot attend then the couple can resort to List B and invite someone from there. When creating these lists, it allows for the couple to pick and choose who they really want to attend their special day, allowing the couple to be more selective in narrowing their list.

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