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At Parsonage Events they believe in the full experience, feeling like the corporate world was raining on their parade, the mother-daughter duo of Susan and Liz pooled their resources (financial and creative) and struck out on their own. Over ten years later, Parsonage Events has become a premier, full-service design studio,

specializing in lush, beautiful flowers with artful designs. We had the opportunity to ask the Parsonage team a few questions about their services and background, check out what they said below!
1.)Tell me about how you got into creating floral arrangements?
      Feeling like the corporate world was raining on our parade; we pooled our resources (financial and creative) and struck out on our own. Over ten years later, parsonage events has become a premier, full-service design studio, specializing in lush, beautiful flowers with artful designs. Nestled on a tree-lined street in historic downtown Clarkston, every nook and cranny in our 110-year old house-turned-studio is ideally arranged to inspire, design, and create amazing events.  From hanging 1000 white roses over a head table—to transforming wood stumps into toadstools—we are committed to thinking outside the box and working closely with our clients to bring their creative vision to life.
2.)  What are some of the most memorable floral arrangements that you have created?
As much as we love to do quaint weddings, anytime we get an opportunity to do something over the top is a special treat for us, and a chance to challenge our creativity. Some of our favorite events are featured on our website at, and our Instagram
3.)  What makes you stand out versus another florist?
Our commitment to understanding our clients’ vision and helping them translate that into actual décor is a major part of who we are as event designers. When so many brides are getting their inspiration from the same sources, we strive to put a unique spin on everything we create and make each event feel like a one-of-a-kind visual experience.
4.)  What would you describe your floral arrangement style as?

When it comes to style we like to be flexible. At the end of the day, it’s not our style that matters, but our clients’. We try to focus on really pinpointing what our clients are looking for and then exceeding their expectations with quality and creativity.

5.)  What do you believe is the most important component a couple must consider when choosing their florist?
It’s crucial that you have a good connection with your designer. Of course, it is also important to align on style, creative-vision, and price-point, but if you don’t vibe with someone you won’t get the results you’re looking for. It has to be a good fit.
6.)  If a bride wanted to preserve her flowers post wedding, what tips might you have for her going about doing so?
 Part of the mystique of flowers is that their beauty is fleeting. We recommend you occasionally purchase a few blooms from your bouquet to fill your home with fragrance, as it has been proven that scent is the strongest trigger for memories.
7.)  Are there any tips you would like to give future clients?
It’s important to be flexible and trust your florist. It’s our job to make sure your event turns out beautifully, so trust the process and be open to change.
8.)  Is there any additional information you would like future clients to know about Parsonage and its services?
Weddings aren’t the only reason to hire a florist, any party or event can be elevated by the right décor. The details are what sets you apart, and makes your event memorable for your guests. Let us create something beautiful for you!

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