Planning your Wedding Style and Color Scheme

Are you struggling to decide on your wedding style and color scheme?  Here are some things to consider while you are working on your wedding plans:

1.) Look for Inspiration

If you do not know where to begin when choosing your wedding style and color schemes, we urge you to look for inspiration in your daily lives that relate most to you for your wedding style and color scheme. It may help to browse through the Internet or social media outlets to pin-point what you may envision your wedding to look like. By searching through these outlets, this may help you and your significant other narrow down your ideas and agree upon what you both would like best for your wedding day.

2.) Keep the Budget and Guest List in Mind

It is important to consider a realistic budget for your wedding. Pinterest and other social media websites provide an ample amount of opportunities to envision the color and style of your dream wedding, but remember that not everything will fall into your budget. It is easy to get lost in the intricate creations these sites offer, but by keeping your budget and your guest list in mind, it will open up the ability for you to expand what you can do with your wedding style and color scheme.

3.) Utilize Color Palettes

Another good place to start when choosing your color scheme and wedding style is color palettes. Color palette resources can provide you with a variety of schemes that blend well and will look picture-perfect for your wedding day. By choosing a color scheme from a palette, it will allow for you to be more specific with your color choices. One in-particular that we find very resourceful is the Pantone color palette, which can be found here.

4.) Consider the Season

With every season comes a variety of sparks of color. In the fall, you will see a lot of maroons, oranges, and yellows, winter calls for a lot of blues, spring invites of pastels, and in the summer you will see a mixture of bright and bold colors. Keeping the season in mind is an essential component when choosing your style and colors because it allows for you to choose which shades you want to bring out and focus on.

5.) Keep It You

Last but not least, you know how they always say, express yourself! It is so easy to become mesmerized by the wedding fads and beautiful creations on social media, but we urge you to create a color scheme and style unique to you as a couple. Not only will guests enjoy the arrangement of colors, but you will also enjoy seeing the vision of colors that you picked come to life on your wedding day.

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