Sandals Royal Bahamian

I don’t think I’m saying anything new here, but Sandals resorts are AMAZING!! Most of us had to shovel our way out of our homes this morning, and I am very much wishing that I was back in the Bahamas! Of course the weather plays a major role in that, but there is so much more to what Sandals brings to a vacation than just the destination. They tag themselves as providing a “Luxury-Included Vacation”, and I can tell you that’s not just a sales pitch. Now that I’ve experienced two Sandals resorts, I’d like to share a couple of lessons I’ve learned and highlights from the trips. To see more pictures from my fabulous trips to Sandal Whitehouse and Sandals Royal Bahamaian check out the Purple Clover Events Facebook page! To get more information about how to book your vacation email me at

A few things I’ve learned from my trips to Sandals:

  1. Each resort really does have its own personality. The size, set-up, and location of the resort help to play a role in that, and it’s important to know what you want out of your vacation. Some want nothing more than to kick back and read on the beach, others want to experience the cultural sites outside of the resort, and then there are those that want to pack in all the water sports and SCUBA diving they can. Some ambitious vacationers want to fit it all in! Knowing what kind of vacation you are looking for will help your Sandals representatives pick the perfect resort for you.
  2. Sandals makes a HUGE investment in customer service training for their staff, and it really shows. In previous jobs I’ve helped to develop customer service training programs for staff, and I know first-hand how difficult it is to implement a successful program on all employee levels. I spoke to several of the staff members there about this and it was very clear that everyone understands the importance of this. There are many resorts in the Caribbean that offer all-inclusive packages with the same beautiful ocean view and turquoise water. One of the key ingredients to making Sandals a Luxury-Included brand is the dedication to their customer service program.
  3. Always request an Oceanfront room! My first trip was to Sandals Whitehouse, where all of the rooms have an Oceanfront view. Absolutely breathtaking! The layout of Sandals Royal Bahamian, and many of the other Sandals resorts, don’t allow for that benefit. While my room at RB was gorgeous, it did lack that stunning view, and let’s face it, that’s what you go to the Caribbean for! I would definitely recommend spending a bit more to ensure that you’re morning coffee comes with a side of spectacular! (Wow…that was cheesy!)

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