Things to Consider When Deciding Your Wedding Menu

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When planning your wedding menu it’s easy to get “lost in the sauce” (yes, pun intended). While it may be tempting to run with your wildest foodie dreams, there are actually a few important things to keep in mind when making decisions about what you’ll serve on your big day. 


  1. Head Count and Budget

Your number of guests will greatly affect your budget, and vice versa, as well as what style of service fits your reception the best. A higher head count will make serving a multi course, sit down meal challenging. It leaves less time for things like dancing and is also costlier considering the extra staffing it takes to make possible. Other options to consider in its place include buffets, platters passed family style, or food stations.

  1. Dietary Restrictions and Picky Eaters

While it’s important to keep in mind your likes and dislikes, it’s also important to consider your guests’ needs. Whether someone is gluten free, a vegetarian, has a food allergy, or is just a fussy eater it’s a good idea to diversify your menu so there is something for everyone. Try including a variety of foods ranging from beef, poultry, seafood to starches, fruits, and vegetables. Another idea is to hit a variety of major taste bud groups such as sweet, salty, bitter, and savory. A diverse menu will help to please almost everyone.

  1. Personalizing the Details

There are many ways to personalize your menu, from simply including your favorite foods, to serving food that is an ode to your first dinner together or the first meal you cooked for each other. Memories, special moments, things you like to do, where you met, etc. can serve as inspiration. If there are different cultures involved you could do a fusion menu to incorporate pieces from each culture. Let your menu help in telling your story. 

  1. Considering Location or Theme

Often your menu may be affected by your venue, location, or theme. For instance, certain venues may have an in-house caterer or select vendors you can choose from. Another example would be if you’re having a beach wedding you may not have kitchen access so you may need to consider a selection of ready to eat dishes. On the other hand, your menu can also be inspired by location and theme. You may want to consider incorporating what food is local and in season at the time for the freshest ingredients. You will also want to consider how your menu or service style blends with music, décor, theme, venue, etc. Considering these things will aid in creating an overall cohesive presentation.


While there are many details to take into consideration, striking the right balance between your tastes and your guests’ needs will ensure a menu that is a real crowd pleaser and make your wedding one to remember.

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