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A wedding officiant plays a crucial role in your big day. They lead your ceremony, guiding you through the final moments that will bind you and your partner together for life. Understandably, you want someone who really “gets you” and gels well with your personal styles as individuals and as a couple, in order to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours that goes off without a hitch. We believe Denise Tucker of Perfect Day Celebrations does just that, and that’s why we picked her brain to get some insight into what it is that makes that possible and what to look for in your perfect officiant. Read our interview with Denise below to find out more!

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get your start?

I was a planner for years. I kept sitting through ceremonies that were so impersonal that it could have been anyone getting married. I wanted my clients to feel special and have their relationship honored. I wanted to hear laughter and romance. So, I researched the business for about five months and opened my business. The response was unbelievable! That was five years ago and I am having the time of my life!

What do you feel sets you apart from other officiants in the industry?

I REALLY care about the couple, I care that their ceremony is “perfect” for them.  I don’t have a “canned” ceremony.  I write each ceremony based on the two of them. I also keep in mind that this is their one and only wedding day! There are no do-overs!  I want the couple and their guests to remember their ceremony for a lifetime.

What steps do you take while working with a couple on their ceremony that helps to ensure a truly “perfect day” on their wedding day?

I meet with them as many times as makes them comfortable. I get to know them via email, phone and in person (if they are local, if not via Skype). I honor the absent in their lives and make sure to include the names of the departed at the start of the ceremony to make sure the couple knows that they are with us “in spirit and with love”.

I help with the rehearsal, vows, music selections, readings and specialty symbolic ceremonies.

What would you say your main responsibility or focus is as an officiant?

To create a feeling of calm and let them really enjoy their ceremony. They don’t have to memorize anything. I am cueing and making the entire ceremony flow smoothly.

While every ceremony is special, could you please share one of the most moving weddings you’ve been a part of?

I married a couple who had dated in high school. Because of religious differences, their families kept them apart. They both went on to marry other people, who passed away. A 50th high school reunion brought them back together. They said that they had not gone one day without thinking about the other one. They finally felt that they were with the person they were meant to be with. I could barely get through the ceremony because the look in their eyes was so beautiful.

What is it you love most about celebrating weddings?

Everything!  I love seeing the bride in her dress, meeting the families, the excitement just before we all go down the aisle and most of all, the look on their faces when I say “I now pronounce you husband and wife…or wife and wife…or husband and husband…or spouses for life.

Do you have any tips or things to keep in mind for those who are looking for an officiant that will help them to find someone who is the perfect fit and optimize what they get from the overall experience?

Yes… READ THEIR REVIEWS!  Meet with them and see if you click. Make sure the person lets you have the ceremony YOU want, not what they want.

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