Vendor Spotlight – Two Penny Productions

A videographer is essential to capturing the emotional components involved in your wedding day. We were given the opportunity to speak with Adam from Two Penny Productions, a Metro Detroit videographer. For more information about Two Penny Productions, please take a look at the Q&A session below.

1.)  Tell me about how you got into videography and how Two Penny Productions started?

“Hyun and I (Adam) both got our start in Film/Videography at MPI (Motion Picture Institute of Michigan) 11 years ago.  We quickly became friends, and worked on each other’s thesis films.  We came up with the name “Two Penny Productions” which meant to us “my two cents”.  Two Penny’s first few productions were some pretty funky students films.”

2.)  How did you get your start in the wedding industry? 

“At first we started shooting weddings to fund our film projects.  We shot a few weddings pro-bono to have some samples for our website.  In our first year we booked 29 weddings and we soon found ourselves studying others in the industry in order to improve our work.  Within that first year I think it would be safe to say, we were both 100% in on wedding videography.”  

3.)  What is your favorite thing about shooting weddings?

“Both having come from a film background, we really enjoy being able to make a new movie every weekend.  Each of our couples have their own story.  We have a blast telling those stories!”  

4.)  What makes you stand out versus another videographer?

“We have always strived to emphasize the story more than anything else in our videos.  It has always been our goal to make each video for our clients unique to them.  Although this challenges us with every shoot and edit, it keeps us inspired and excited to come to work everyday!”  

5.)  What would you describe your style as?

“We describe our “style” as having a documentary approach with a feature film aesthetic.”  

6.)  What do you believe the most important component a couple must consider when choosing their videographer?

“Trust is key and I think this applies to all the vendors a couple will hire.  Planning a wedding is super stressful and when the day finally arrives our goal is to let our clients know that the video is taken care of.  Having that peace of mind helps our clients relax, have fun, and live the moment!”

7.)  Is there any additional information you would like future clients to know about Two Penny Productions and its services?

“We love our work!  After 10 years in business, we still approach every shoot and edit like we did in the beginning of our careers.  We have weekly meetings to analyze our footage, looking at things we are doing well but mostly things we need to improve.  Every shot of every edit is questioned and critiqued. One of the themes that comes up in our conversations is how cool it is to capture a piece of history for our clients.  I have a 30 second clip of my grandparents wedding from the 1950s.  It’s shaky and grainy, but it’s a treasure.  We love having the responsibility of documenting these moments that will be treasured by our clients, their families members, and future family members!”


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