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A wed­ding offi­ciant plays a cru­cial role in your big day. They lead your cer­e­mo­ny, guid­ing you through the final moments that will bind you and your part­ner togeth­er for life. Under­stand­ably, you want some­one who real­ly “gets you” and gels well with your per­son­al styles as indi­vid­u­als and as a cou­ple, in order to cre­ate a cer­e­mo­ny that is unique­ly yours that goes off with­out a hitch. We believe Denise Tuck­er of Per­fect Day Cel­e­bra­tions does just that, and that’s why we picked her brain to get some insight into what it is that makes that pos­si­ble and what to look for in your per­fect offi­ciant. Read our inter­view with Denise below to find out more!

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get your start?

I was a plan­ner for years. I kept sit­ting through cer­e­monies that were so imper­son­al that it could have been any­one get­ting mar­ried. I want­ed my clients to feel spe­cial and have their rela­tion­ship hon­ored. I want­ed to hear laugh­ter and romance. So, I researched the busi­ness for about five months and opened my busi­ness. The response was unbe­liev­able! That was five years ago and I am hav­ing the time of my life!

What do you feel sets you apart from other officiants in the industry?

I REALLY care about the cou­ple, I care that their cer­e­mo­ny is “per­fect” for them.  I don’t have a “canned” cer­e­mo­ny.  I write each cer­e­mo­ny based on the two of them. I also keep in mind that this is their one and only wed­ding day! There are no do-overs!  I want the cou­ple and their guests to remem­ber their cer­e­mo­ny for a lifetime.

What steps do you take while working with a couple on their ceremony that helps to ensure a truly “perfect day” on their wedding day?

I meet with them as many times as makes them com­fort­able. I get to know them via email, phone and in per­son (if they are local, if not via Skype). I hon­or the absent in their lives and make sure to include the names of the depart­ed at the start of the cer­e­mo­ny to make sure the cou­ple knows that they are with us “in spir­it and with love”.

I help with the rehearsal, vows, music selec­tions, read­ings and spe­cial­ty sym­bol­ic ceremonies. 

What would you say your main responsibility or focus is as an officiant?

To cre­ate a feel­ing of calm and let them real­ly enjoy their cer­e­mo­ny. They don’t have to mem­o­rize any­thing. I am cue­ing and mak­ing the entire cer­e­mo­ny flow smoothly.

While every ceremony is special, could you please share one of the most moving weddings you’ve been a part of?

I mar­ried a cou­ple who had dat­ed in high school. Because of reli­gious dif­fer­ences, their fam­i­lies kept them apart. They both went on to mar­ry oth­er peo­ple, who passed away. A 50th high school reunion brought them back togeth­er. They said that they had not gone one day with­out think­ing about the oth­er one. They final­ly felt that they were with the per­son they were meant to be with. I could bare­ly get through the cer­e­mo­ny because the look in their eyes was so beautiful.

What is it you love most about celebrating weddings?

Every­thing!  I love see­ing the bride in her dress, meet­ing the fam­i­lies, the excite­ment just before we all go down the aisle and most of all, the look on their faces when I say “I now pro­nounce you hus­band and wife…or wife and wife…or hus­band and husband…or spous­es for life.

Do you have any tips or things to keep in mind for those who are looking for an officiant that will help them to find someone who is the perfect fit and optimize what they get from the overall experience?

Yes… READ THEIR REVIEWS!  Meet with them and see if you click. Make sure the per­son lets you have the cer­e­mo­ny YOU want, not what they want. 

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